About me


Software Engineer / Indie Developer

Thank you for your visit my website.
I am a software engineer and usually work at an company. After work, I also create some games or services. I used Cocos2d-x to make a few games. I have been using Unity to do its recently.

I have been writing my tech blog when I understood new knowledge or solved some trouble. If you are interested my blog, please visit it.
I think ... your idea may be valueable. So you should make it!!

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About programming languages

I have experienced several programming languages. These have almost used by me at work. Now, I usually use C# to make client application. And also use Go to make server application (like API server). I don't have likes and dislikes in programming languages. Because programming language is tool. So I think it should be used suitable on any cases. I also have experienced a little Java / Python / Ruby / PHP / etc.



About interest technologies

I always have some interest technologies. Of course, I want to know how to make game with Unity. In addition to it, I am very interested in server side tech. These days, Kubernetes is used as container cluster management tool of de facto standard. So I want to learn and use more it for my services.
Recently I am interested in Flutter strongly. It is an eco system to create new services. To continue learning is so fun.



I have published some apps.



Unity (C#) / Go / GCP

Kotodamap is messaging app using by geo information. you can put your message in the place you are. you can also throw your message, but you don't know where your message fly. If you find a message and read it, any others will not able to read it. This app is like forrest gump. Now, this app is only published in Japan.

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Reflect Number

Unity (C#) / Lobi

This is a simple touch game(and a little brain training). If you start this game, number's object appear.
This object bounds in a space. If it will come center line, you should touch num pad.
Let's try this game and get high score!!

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Cocos2d-x (C++) / SQLite

Let's touch red space.
and you can change white space.
Let's Fill! Fill!!

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Cocos2d-x (C++) / SQLite

I like omnislash. So I made this game from omnislash.
This is a story of a boy. He hope to become super warrior. You can touch number panels and chain those.
If you can chain numbers, he could become super warrior.

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Hop Pumpkin

Cocos2d-x (C++) / SQLite

This is simple action game.
The left button is virtual stick to control the pumpkin.
If push the right button, pumpkin will hop. Let's fly as long as possible to get high score.

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